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Social Media - Can your business afford to ignore 600 million potential customers?

In 2010 it was reported that over 30% of online buying decisions originated on Facebook rather than Google. The use of Social Media for marketing purposes is now the main competitor to traditional offline marketing resources such as telephone directories and newspaper/magazine articles.

The importance of having a professional representation of your business on Facebook has never been more important and is now considered as vital as your new brochure and website. Scarlet Marketing work closely with Devon based Social Media specialists Digital New Media to assist your business by developing a bespoke Facebook page for your brand, service or organisation. The development and use of Facebook business pages is the fastest growing element of social media marketing with over 1.5 million businesses now on Facebook.

Facebook business pages primarily allow your company to have a footprint on the largest social media platform at a relatively low cost.

Other benefits include:

What will my Facebook page contain?

All pages are bespoke to your business or organisation however Digital New Media focus on the main areas:

Our mutual clients have already started to see the increase in sales and bookings through the introduction of a branded Facebook page. Please contact us on 01548 560244 for more details.